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“The Fir Tree Fell”

"Упала елка"

The tree fell. Canvas. Butter. 40 x 40

Fir-trees for a holiday to be cut – alas! – are destined.
In the New Year they are better than the amber pine.
Paws are green, bumps, pine needles …
So we cut the tree under the spine!

My little tree! A forest tree!
A family is waiting for you, I’m going with you!

Yolka cut down and manatka was folded peasant,
A Christmas tree on a sled, and a sharp ax in a backpack,
He spat thoughtfully into the red coals of the fire.
Waiting for the old man far away in the children’s cities!

The Christmas tree was lit! What a joy!
Children are jogging under you!

The Christmas tree is dead, the fir tree is over.
Yolku ruined for fun his man.
Bunny gray can not be more than jumping,
The wolf angry nowhere to run.

My little tree! A forest tree!
We cut down one thing – it will grow different!